The Tap

15th April 2012, Around 0500 hrs:

               I am dreaming that I am in a school with a bunch of friends, I don’t know which class was it but we are all grownups and except us there are kids all around. We all are sitting in a classroom under the window and waiting for Hindi teacher to come and start the session. One of my friends is telling us as how much he loves his girlfriend and how much she loves him in return. While he was telling his interesting love story, I start recalling the moment when I saw his girlfriend talking to some other guy on cell phone, passionately saying “I love you, sweetheart” and a moment after same words to my friend. I know that he knows that she doesn’t really love him but only takes advantages. But the irony is that he doesn’t want to see the reality of other side. In the mean time I see my girl coming from the other side of the window towards us. We aren’t talking for months, is also carried in the dream. She comes silently towards us monitoring me assuming that I am not aware of her presence. I pretend enjoying my friends’ company, laughing on jokes. Then, all of a sudden I see all kids walking in a queue, maybe being gathered for an announcement and all my friends are disappeared. I am still at my place. I jokingly tap by a book on the back of my little girl friend while passing by me being in queue. She goes away making her face, I giggle knowing that my every single movement is being monitored. She comes and taps at the back of my left shoulder, peeping her head out from the window, I turn my head to see her and then back to my position. My expression changes, face turns pale.

She smilingly asks “What happened now? You were very happy a moment back?”

I said “nothing” and opened my eyes.

The dream is over but sensation of her tap at the back of my left shoulder is still there. I see the time, its 0510 hours. I start thinking about her and try to sleep back assuming that the dream will be continued thereafter but it doesn’t.

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  1. Heart hacker says:

    Nice one….everyone expects the dream to continue when we fall back to sleep but it never happens Neeraj….!i’ll share my story one day!

    1. Neeraj Kumar says:

      Thank you, I have always been living a big part of my life in dreams. I started writing to live them not just once but forever.

  2. Ayasonice says:

    Aww, don’t you just hate that! Strangely, I’ve had nightmares that seem to continue for several nights yet the great dreams never do! life… hehe

    1. Neeraj Kumar says:

      Not really because they leave me in a state from where my imagination starts. Strangely my dreams are generally happy happy 🙂

  3. veehcirra says:

    Lovely dream…I have a dream book being promising to write down all my dreams when I wake up but some mornings I procrastinate 😉 My favorite dream ever is one that I had two days in a row…recurring dreams rock…our dreams do have messages we can apply in our waking world..

    1. Neeraj Kumar says:

      Thank Veeh! I too have number of dreams chasing me from my childhood… I love watching them.. maybe some day I’ll write those down as well.. 🙂

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