Golden Summer Days

Today all of a sudden I got hit by the memories of my childhood specially the summer vacations when our schools used to go off and we used to become kings and queens. Childhood indeed is the best phase of our lives but the mischievous acts we used to do during the summer vacations were out of this world.

I remember after the breakfast we used to get out from our houses to play cricket under the sun, paying matches after matches until it did not get dark, sometimes coming back to home for lunch and then going back again to the play ground. There was nothing to be cared about, neither getting the tan or the sun burn. It didn’t matter if we knew the fellow players personally or not, everyone was just as a friend.

And when we stayed at home during the afternoons when everyone used to be asleep except us, Carrom board, Ludo and Snakes & Ladders used to be our favorite games. We had our shortcuts to win the game of carrom, we had made the marks on opposite edges of the board for the perfect angled shots but poorly we never thought of marking the place from where the shot should have been taken. How funny! We were smart and stupid at the same time. LOL!!

Sometimes playing cricket in the small courtyard, sitting cross-legged; Damn! We invented the whole new form of cricket, and making toys from wet mud was indeed the most creative thing we ever did those days.

When by chance we took the afternoon nap, the entire world seemed so strange afterwards. We used to roam confused wondering if it’s the evening or a new morning. 7:00 PM always seemed like 7:00 AM, but we never cared to ask anyone that how long we had been sleeping.  

Watching cartoons was my favorite pastime like any other kid, my favorite ones were “The time machine” and “I dream of Jeannie”. I always prayed to have a beautiful Jeannie but it was never heard. Time machine had always thrilled me and I also wanted to go on a time travel. In fact it is still as exciting as then but it does not seem possible.

We used to play hide and seek in front of our houses and at number of occasions few kids used to hide for hours in such places that we couldn’t find them and ultimately went home back, when it got dark, letting them being hidden only to know on next day that they were already went to their houses as they forgot to be in the game. Poor we!
Funniest part was when we tried to be scientists and added so many different liquids to form something new. We also tried creating rats by mixing potato, water, mud and milk and dig them into the ground for days only to find nothing but stinking garbage. We also tied branches of different flower trees hoping to grow a new breed. Sadly, everything was a failure.

How beautiful it was to watch sunset and birds going back to their nests while walking on rooftop. Sometimes flying kites in the evening and tie their threads in the corner of the roof to let them fly entire night hoping to see them flying till morning but we never found them there.

And when electricity went off, all of us used to sleep on roof; Lying and watching the stars in the clear sky was so amazing. I used to go from star to star to recognize them and thinking that somewhere on some star there are also people like us. Airplanes going way high in the sky many times fooled us to be the falling star or the space craft.

I used to be so surprised to see myself in the room when I actually slept on the roof last night. Always tried to recall as to who got me into the room or did I walk while sleeping.

Everything was so amazingly beautiful that it can not be explained. No matter how successful we become in our lives, no matter how wealthy we be, we can never get those Golden Summer Days back.

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  1. Chatty Owl says:

    Call me dumb, but I don’t get cricket… *blush*

    1. Neeraj says:

      Lol.. you know other things so well that I can’t call you dumb 😉

    2. Chatty Owl says:

      Flattery 😉

  2. catnipoflife says:

    This is the second trip down memory lane for me today. Thank you for sharing your memories. Brought back many of my own 🙂

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