All Alone – Screenwriting

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[Scene 1]

At around 9 O’ clock in the night, a room with main lights off, a couple of candles burning and all curtains are down.

[Close up:] A camera from the roof is slowly moving displaying her bare toes peeping outside the blanket…

She lays sleeping,

[Close up:] As it moves upwards at the same pace, it shows that she is under the blanket and probably not alone…

Dreaming of the time we had shared,

Recalling the words we always cared,

Husk of her voice is the flavor of the moment and some activity is going on under the blanket… Damn! She isn’t alone…

Living in the world where we were together, 

[Close up:] She is laughing the lustrous laugh…

She cries often, 

And it grows further…

Wishing if we could fall back again,

[Close up:] She moves her neck in pleasure, while keeping eyes closed, lips producing blood red smile…

Denying to bear all the pain,

She has been keeping,

While she is dreaming,

[Scene 2]

A man wearing hood and overcoat walking at the pavement in one of the coldest nights, there is a white paper (A few lines written on it) and pen in his hands…

I walk alone,

[Close up:] He has got red eyes as if he had been crying for years but there is no sign of a tear…

Thinking of the time has gone long, 

[Close up:] His pen moves slowly on the paper, trying to write few lines…

Writing down the lyrics for my song,

All alone, 

[Close up:] Suddenly a tear rolls down on his cheek and before it gets further down he sweeps it away…

He looks up at the moon which is appearing bigger than usual…

I cry often,

Whishing if I can roll back the time,

He looks at his watch to check the time though least concerned about getting late…

I see my watch and its half past nine,

Prime time,

A group of people passes by him, talking and laughing. He thinks that he is the only one alone in the crowd…

I watch people,

Walking down the road talking out load,

They seem happy there is no doubt,

While I hold my sound,

He moves his face away from them and a quick recap from past moments starts in his mind…

We were happy,

Why didn’t we try to hold ourselves?

How did we let loose our own belts?

So easily,

[Scene 3:]

Screen is divided in two parts, on left side of it… She is making love in bed with someone, enjoying all the pleasures while at the other side… he is sitting on a chair near the lake holding a glass of whisky. The paper and the pen are now lying on the chair beside him…

We both are thinking,

By the flood of our hearts we are sinking,

She lays in her bed and I keep drinking,

Every night, 

He gets up from the chair to head towards his lonely home, as he tries to grab the paper it flows far away from him with the wind and he signs off without it, with his dreamy wet eyes…

Wishing if only we didn’t have that fight,

We would have been together,

Everything would have been alright,

After the climax of her encounter with the man she was making love, she kisses his lips as she is promising for it to be more pleasurable next time…

While she lays sleeping in a dark room,

I walk on the street under the moon,

Fighting our fights since so long,

All alone. 

…and the screen slowly goes blank…

Click here to read this poem without the screenplay

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Neeraj, very, very nice!

    1. Neeraj says:

      Thank you so much Wendell!

  2. I love how you did this one. Wonderful!

    I just asked a fellow poet friend of mine to spin his poem into a story. His turned out beautifully, as well. I love the style.

    You have a true talent. I’m thrilled to be here.

    1. Don’t we always have a story in mind while penning down a poem? Sometimes I like to share how I see my poems in images. I’m glad you liked it.
      Thank you so much!

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