You never know

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The moment we forgot we were just good friends,

I kissed her long enough,

Her lips went red again,

Our first trip back home,

Then a happy weekend,



They say love is a thing to feel,

I say get things for real,

Say it if you have the zeal,

And you never know,

That she’ll be yours,

She’ll be yours,


So long we knew each other,

Thick and thin, stuck together,

Always knew we could be someone better,

But never said our heart’s matter,



It works like magic,

Don’t waste time to find logic,

If she looks at your eyes and then the lips,

Means that she needs a kiss,

You’re stupid,

If you miss this bliss,



Inspired by – “You already know”

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  1. Loved this and the songs melody was like a stroll. Thank you-:)

  2. So delightful to read…it left a wonderful smile on my face! Well done my brother!

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