Drama Queen Vol-5

First day of elementary
She is only three
Pointing out the makeup
Teacher asks her to stand
Her lips soaked in lipstick
and nails roughly polished
Innocently, she lisps
“Momma did it, I didn’t.”

She ate his tiffin
Noodles and muffins
and didn’t keep the promise
to kiss on his chubby cheeks
He has been robbed
by big innocent eyes
He is too stunned to be able to realize
What just happened, with him.

She is a Sweetheart
She is a Rock Star
At the age of three she’s wild and free
Looks innocent, but be careful, she’s very mean
Oh yeah, she’s a Drama Queen
The cutest Drama Queen,

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Photo Credit: Google Images

2 Comments Add yours

  1. soumyav says:

    cutie pie !! 🙂

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