He was agelast
as if impassiveness
couch-potatoed on his face
and shitted around his mouth.
it was the battle of a
Tiny Tumor V/S Sense of Humor
inside in his brain.
If mere a smile could articulate his willpower
he would still manage
to pretend and smile around.
But intentionally stretching his lips to the ears
and showing off his teeth was not something
that could make him happy
and it was weird too.
So he decided to exploit his weakness
and take advantage of it to the fullest.
When he tickled their funny bones
by just uttering few words, standing at the podium
and infected them by happiness.
Sense of humor
thereafter never lost the battle of his brain.
and the best part of his act was his

Photo Credit: standupspecial.com
Photo Credit: standupspecial.com

Originally posted on 18th Feb 2014.

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