He was a fantasist,
His aura reminisced some of asteroid belt,
Some of comets,
He was in love with light,
His demons were made of fog;

His love was oft a glimmer,
Put across a prism or tears,
It fabricated rainbows,
His life was a reverie,
And his dreams –

He scaled impossibilities,
Sailed in alternate realities,
He ate nibs,
He drank twinge,
He learned to expel poetry;

He was a phoenix,
That survived kisses,
Embraces got him breathe,
All he needed: warmth from some,
To dissolve his demons,
Except they all got unleashed;

He is a fantasist,
His heart’s dimly lit,
Emotions: his weapons, still,
Fighting his own set of demons,
Until he can’t;

…Or won’t have to.

Image Artist: MysteryKids

- MysteryKids
– MysteryKids

15 Comments Add yours

  1. Heartafire says:

    Yes, this is beautiful and moving.

    1. We all have similar stories. Thank you!

  2. Rise above says:

    That’s what I’m talking about..RIGHT THERE, that was fantastic!

    1. I’m glad it intersected with your thoughts. Thank you!

  3. slantofbeauty22 says:

    That is amazing. I want to learn more about the way you write.

    1. I don’t think that I have a perticular writing style but my blogging friends say I do and I find it hard to believe them. All in all you’ll find expelled emotions here. Thank you for reading!

  4. globalunison says:

    That’s you!


    1. Thank you so much Kim! ❤

    2. words4jp says:

      you are so welcome:)

  5. I felt this deep in my soul. Our transparency as poets is both the most painful thing about being a poet and the one thing that makes the poetry sing, paint , and speak. To speak to another person’s soul, we have to access the darkest , most painful corners of ours. The feeling that others keep in a manageable box , in the back of their brain.

    As far as your writing style, I understand that it feels weird when people say that to us. I do not like to be told that either. especially about poetry. We are bleeding our emotions onto the page for people to read. It is not like we just put words into a box of parameters that is our “style”.

    Probably what people see, is a glimpse of our soul. They recognize our soul , when they read our poetry and that is what they are referring to as “style”. They do not know what other word to use. But if they enjoy the poetry and it speaks to them in some way, then that is good.

    People get what they get from our spillings of our emotion onto paper. Some of the verses remind them of things that they want to feel or need to feel. They do not always understand what we were feeling, when we wrote it. The depth of emotions of a poet is very severe. Most people cannot access that level of emotion and perhaps they should not. It is a dangerous territory to get into for us.

    I wanted to connect with you and give you these words. I don’t really know why I did. Something in my spiritual essence wanted me to send you this. Your poetry is beautiful and painful to read at times. I feel the exposed emotions very deeply and it connects with my most painful and torturous thoughts.

    My personal poetry comes out of something that has been broken in my brain from years of mental torture. That part that broke has caused for me to not be able to function as well in the “normals” world as they status quo, boring drones do. I am often criticized that I do not keep up with them and do not fit into their fu%$#2cking little boxes and stay between their LINES.

    I do not know if you have read these or not. I just wanted to link you a few as a way of connecting . Thank you for your poetry. I know how you must suffer in order write such beautiful darkness.

    1. I don’t know if most of the people ‘manage’ to keep the darkness in the box or they don’t know what to do with it but I’m glad that we have better ways to deal with it. However, everyone is unique in their way of expressions and that’s the beauty of life, isn’t it?

      I keep denying myself to be confined in parameters, that is one thing that I assume, keeps me inspired to be experimenting with words, however the best of my poems (as I believe) resulted out of natural expressions. It would a surprise to know that I never studied literature and I don’t know, not even one leaf of literary history. But poetry amazes me for my own work seems to have a different meaning at times. That’s the most beautiful thing about it.

      Thank you so much for reaching out to me and sharing your experience. I’m deeply humbled on your message and the need to connect. (I’ll be checking out your posts in due course.)

      Have a blissful time!

      Hugs & love,

  6. Noora says:

    You are fantastic!!! Moving poetry.

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