All along,
You were a squeaky wheel,
A perpetual grinding,
Your words: blustery,
And heart with no heart,
But I kept greasing,
‘Cause I loved you,

It was foam not the wool,
I knew but I let you waste..
My time letting you lay upon me,
Your tongue tasted bitter cocoa,
I kept sipping on you,
Ah, the bitter taste of love,

I loved you, perhaps;

You imprinted shadows,
On exteriors of my heart,
I didn’t want to notice,
The refractive intentions you had,
Hidden in the same shadow, perhaps,
I needed black burnishing,
To generate some warmth,
What if stimulated,
Or dangerous,

You boasted to be both, in fact,
But you were colder than I thought,

The way you tainted love,
The way you broke my heart,
It was so retro that I knew every time,
What you were up to then,
You were a squeaky wheel,
And you’ve squeaked enough,
I won’t grease anymore,
But it took too long,
For you to tear and shatter,

You weren’t good for anything,
But I loved you perhaps,
Because it hurts.

Written for Wordle#46 @ MLMM
Image Artist: GoldenInnocence

– Golden Innocence @ Deviantart

16 Comments Add yours

  1. words4jp says:

    The stuff we do for love……

  2. Heartbreaking…:(Y so sad…??

    1. Because it’s one of the human emotions.
      Thank you for reading Prachi!

  3. barrira says:

    This is powerful and sad..

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed. Thank you for reading!

  4. Geeez Neeraj, you never disappoint me. I love this.

    1. Aww, Thank you Val. Hope you’re doing perfect.

  5. Asha says:

    Hits a chord, instantly.

  6. Noora says:

    Impressive vulnerability. The way your poetry flows into the reader’s soul is incredible. The title is moving, perfect.

    1. Thank you, your comments make me delighted.

  7. piningforest says:

    This touched my heart in every sense.

    1. I’m glad it could do that. Thank you for reading.

  8. Well traveled through the cold veins of a coward who deceived

    1. I’m sure it tasted bitter charcoal. 😉
      Thank you reading Mashook.

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