My name is love

I’m caged in infinity,
My universe: a bulletproof dice,
I see life etch and rub since ages,
I’m jinxed for immortality,

I sail through dark matter,
I inhale dead stars,
I’m trapped in unwritten pages,
I’m waiting to be stabbed in chest,

Oh, my name is love.

I flutter; I fly around,
I’m lost so I could be found,
I’m easy to get easily complicated,
I’m cursed by lovers and I hate it,

I rip the one who value me more,
Pain is my nickname; pleasure my shadow,
I float in colors, but I’m no art,
I stay longer in broken hearts,

My name is love,
And I’m fading away,
I’m not afraid of death,
I’m afraid I leave deadness behind,

Oh, my name is love,
Oh, my name…


Hello, friends

I hope everyone is doing perfectly alright. I cannot tell how much I miss being here, but I’m still little behind completing the final draft of my novel: Together Never. So, please bear with me a little longer.

Anyway, I’m hoping to complete it soon and once I’m through, I’ll return to this little universe. Till then I thought I should just drop-by to say ‘hi’ and share a poem with you all.

With love, NEKNEERAJ

- Rebeca Cygnus
– Rebeca Cygnus

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  1. Enjoy your writing. Again .. Second stanza. Love the images and the feeling. Perfection.

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