Heartbreakingly Two

They were like two trees –
Standing besides,
So much love tangled in their hearts,
Waiting to be released,

Their roots touching.
Their leaves ruffling.
Their trunks fixed in one ground.
Craving for an eternal embrace,
But never getting a chance,
Or courage.

Being there in every season –
Summer or spring.
That they are meant to be together.
But merely touching.
Barely ruffling.

Craving to cuddle.
Craving to be one.
Pulled toward each other,
But never meeting.
Constrained by an invisible force,
Never to be together,
Neither to be apart.

It broke their hearts.
‘Cause they knew –
It was heartbreakingly true –
They were heartbreakingly two.

Heartbreakingly two
– Cole Thompson

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