Sinking Lantern

She was a pretty poetry, Stung with venomous verses. Her eyes were smoking fire. Her heart was weaved in tornado. She knew not how to disperse it. She didn’t have to. Her hope was a sinking lantern. Her soul was inking silver. She floated through despair Where lows and highs were a constant truth. She…


Pages of our scribbled destiny set afire. I cannot catch every word you murmured in my ears. Fire in my heart burns in much deeper degrees yet I am chilled in your cold embrace, craving to be free. Insomniac on some distant planet, I am asleep in our cacophonic reality here, amid crackling, burning words….

Begin Again

Show me that smile again That’s known to rejuvenate. Show me that passion That resurrects the surge of love. Show me the hunch of warm kisses. We have much more than these crazy indifferences. Tell me that new hymn That you love to hum these days. Tell me that secret That makes your eyes ablaze….