Pages of our scribbled destiny set afire.
I cannot catch every word
you murmured in my ears.
Fire in my heart burns
in much deeper degrees
yet I am chilled
in your cold embrace,
craving to be free.

on some distant planet,
I am asleep
in our cacophonic reality here,
amid crackling, burning words.
Once effortlessly bewitched,
I won’t easily awake
from this deep-sleep,
from this conundrum
of your false love.

Wake me up!

Written for Photo Challenge #124 at MLMM.

Burnt pages_b
Ronny Garcia Moron

6 Comments Add yours

  1. maria says:

    “From this conundrum
    Of your false love.
    Wake me up!”

    Ooh… fierce~!

    1. NEKNEERAJ says:

      Thank you, Maria!

    2. maria says:

      You’re welcome! 🙂

  2. rosemawrites says:

    “Fire in my heart burns
    In much deeper degrees
    Yet I am chilled
    In your cold embrace”

    this is one emotionally packed poem. the hurt and the anger burning!

    1. rosemawrites says:

      you’re most welcome!

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