I was smitten
by the way you played hard to get.
I never liked anything easy.
And I’m always patient
like a tree.
But then after few days,
when you pulled me
by my hand toward you abruptly,
you did strum my heartstrings
so bad.

Maybe, my patience was getting too much to handle.
Or that was your thing to stir libido in gentlemen.

And it did.
But I maintained composure
even if badly I wanted to grab your ass
right then.

A wise man knows the importance of foreplay.
So, I pulled you at me.
But you pulled back.

Game, I took one step forward.
You took one step behind.
I took one step behind.
You took one step forward.
It went on and on
like Tango.

And you didn’t stop.

I am not sure
if you ever knew what you wanted.
But I certainly know
that you have no idea how long I can foreplay
or anything about my libido.

But anyone would hate that kinda Tango.

– pinterest

3 Comments Add yours

  1. I love your plainspoken, elegant verse … from the heart

  2. Chris B. says:

    I really, really, really like this. The hot and cold movements to a dance rhythm…I relate!

  3. kvennarad says:

    Never have sex with a Methodist – it could lead to dancing. Just saying.

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