Unfinished – VI

A queen of sensational beginnings
as if she walked with a background score.
Her oomph pushed the ceilings, her stride shook the floor.
She showed her skin, and died a little inside.
She craved for a humble home beyond sparkling lights.
Her roots withered; her chin hit the ground.
No one heard her howls even though they were loud.
Her bottom lip shivered, but she rose, and eyeballed her demon.
She turned to books, and wrote few dozens of them.
A pen-named poetess, she had to pour the hurricane of her heart.
She bled through fingertips; she turned into work of art.
Being in love with her could’ve been winning.
But I didn’t even know how to ask.

silhouette of girl during evening
Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

6 Comments Add yours

  1. It’s so full of emotions. Beautiful work.👌❤️ The pain just seeths through your words. Lovely.

  2. chicky1968 says:

    Simply BEAUTIFUL!!! Love its drama and realism.

  3. aathmana02 says:

    You are an amazing writer, and all of your works have that one thing which is quite important when it comes to writing – Effort!
    You did put a great effort into this from your heart, which is evident.
    Amazing work..
    Keep up the spirit !

  4. beautifully inked the emotions within. Loved reading it.

  5. Nadine says:

    Love this… so beautiful. What fabulous poetic images.

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