A snippet from Together Never

It had been three days fighting the temptation. Despite normal handshakes, Neal didn’t touch Marisa, nor had an edgy conversation that could stir the allure and made him crawl toward her.

The pain Marisa felt was not limited to her. It had also twirled around Neal’s abdomen. But unlike her, he had googled that it was the repercussion of not going all the way through. Getting aroused in office was apparently not a wise thing. Neal knew if he touched her hands or nuzzled even just a little, he wouldn’t have been able to resist, and all the intimacy would’ve resulted into sexual pain and made him squirm.

Marisa laid her hand on his desk; alluring pink of her palm, her thin long fingers, and velvety skin inviting him to entangle.

Clicking on keyboard, Neal looked from corners of his eyes. A desire to cuddle with her fingers churned inside him, as if an invisible force shook his knees. He tried to control but found his strength escape. Then a moment later, unable to resist, he freed his left hand and slowly walked toward her.

Marisa smiled seeing him walking his fingers. After she had two dull days, she wanted him to hurry, but she also liked the sensation waiting brought in her veins. It was all in the patience; she was quickly learning.

Neal inched a little closer; shrinking distance between their fingers making him weaker. Then, gaining his strength, he stopped midway and reminded himself that he needed to be disciplined.

A bush with her fingers would make him yearn to touch her face. A touch of her cheeks would take him to her lips. Touching her lips would make him yearn to kiss her. And a yearning to kiss would drag him toward wanting it all.

Um, he tapped on the desk, debating. He took deep breaths, then turned and looked at her. She was waiting for him.

She looked at him in need. Her expressions suddenly rolled into a question, a yearning: What’s wrong?

Neal’s face showed his helplessness. He wanted this. He always wanted this. But it was not all he wanted. And what all he wanted was not possible in office, among everyone. So when he knew if he touched her fingers, it would’ve once again resulted into a chain-reaction. The liquid from his head would’ve seeped, resulting into more melting. But since going all the way through was not at all possible, it was certain he would’ve once again left with dissatisfaction and pain in his lower abdomen. There was no point starting when he couldn’t get it all.

Neal chocked, pulled between desire and discipline. His face lost its color. He weakly looked at her eyes, then her lips, and again at her eyes. Anxiously, he tapped on the desk the last time. Then turned and took his hand on keyboard.

Frowning, Marisa crossed her hands in annoyance and watched him work. She couldn’t understand what was suddenly wrong with him. It was the third day since he hadn’t played with her hands, hugged at the doors, or expressed his love. And yesterday when she called him, he talked so flat that she instantly hated him.

‘Talk to me the way you always do or don’t.’ She had challenged. And today when she needed him, he turned out to be so dull.

Slowly swallowing the lump of her throat, Marisa watched him for couple of minutes. She didn’t know the reason of this sudden indifference.

‘What’s wrong?’ Her voice was damp.
‘What?’ He ignored while working out his own restlessness.
The lump in her throat tightened. ‘Why are you so cold?’ Her voice shook.
Neal heard sadness. He quickly turned and saw her eyes brimming in tears. He felt guilty. He cautiously looked around, swallowed, and locked his desktop. ‘Come with me,’ he said rising.

together never front

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Edmond says:

    Got me hooked lol

  2. franiezbloglife says:

    Wow. I loved it all. I loved the ending too. He’s definitely going to show her what’s wrong. ❤️

    1. NEKNEERAJ says:

      Thank you Franie.

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