One fine kiss

I’m high,
but can you please clarify,
why do you slip your tongue in my mouth,
when you have to act so shy?
If this is how you take control,
then please know,
it works like charm.
If it’s some game,
then darling you win.
If it’s a litmus test,
know that it’s all red;
a love of this kind is always acidic.
But before it melts all my bones
can we at least please
kiss properly?

Alright, stop smiling now, you duffer.

– Google Images

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Beautifully expressed. Loved the emotions.

  2. franiezbloglife says:

    😂 Lovely

  3. It’s beautiful 😍 ,bro

  4. livinlolo says:

    This is amazing!

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