A fantasy land

We live in a world inside a giant cucumber.
We love-fight each other so much, even in our slumber.
She travels in a pancake-spaceship,
hunting my variants.
I’m huge and dumb,
and helpless, and naked, in a tie.
She comes at the speed of light,
but in slow motion,
She pulls my Rockstar hair,
pushes me down the chair.
She rides on my chest,
and punches in my gut.
I scream, turning on so fast,
looking at her beautiful butt.
But she would always be serious,
like a dragon on fire,
hasn’t have enough strength though
to be continuously mad.
I push my nose in her butt-crack,
and our fights would always end in laughter.
We live in a world inside a giant cucumber,
that’s what she says.
– Google Images

3 Comments Add yours

  1. When young and restless we play it out in unrestrained frivolity. I remember too when everything was revolving around the “cucumber”.

  2. Love this and love the “variant” part most of all, Loki.

    1. NEKNEERAJ says:

      Lol.. you can say that part was inspired. 😅

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