Plastic Queen

A queen of unread poetry scribbled within the white spaces of old newspapers. She collected plastic from garbage and tiny pieces of discarded pencils. Her bright eyes turned yellow, reading anything she could under kerosene-lit lamp. A fire burning inside her heart wasn’t enough to light-up her home between roads. She barely got enough sleep….


My body is mortal, not my spirit. Rooted to the ground, my will has got no limit. Reason my life feels so deep, I’ve got universes in it. My words are my spears. They pierce the strongest and the rigid. Yet, I weigh them before use. Good for you that I’m my own critic. I…

She won’t go wrong

Confined in impassable space, Her life’s a set of crossing lines. With every pause at each wrong place, She’s cramping to the sidelines. Teardrops gash her beautiful face. She’s a dying, innocuous song. Wild implosions beneath her case, But she keeps on keeping strong. Insisting her efforts in assuaging demons, Her days remain irrevocably consistent….

Rising from the Ashes

I have been there, in deepest of the hell. I have been through that When you have so much to say, But nobody to tell. I’ve crawled on burning charcoal. Had everyone around, But no one really to hold. I’ve breathed in awful places, The austere bedrooms and cold embraces, I’ve been in love with…


Stifled fume of my spirit Restricts my flimsy envelop, My existence is a series of implosions. Jitter in my gist Caused a miscalculated prophecy, My life is a crumpled folio – A miscarriage I chose to deny. I’m yet to happen. And I know that I will. I hope this makes some sense. I will…