Memories are precious

“Memories are precious; do not let them fade away.”

Here is a very small incident related to my real life. There was a girl, I was really attached to, we were so called friends but deep down inside I had something more for her. Before I could say anything she remained no more in my life and moved away with someone else. In only three months we had a bond of years. Thereafter I was left with only few sms’ in my cell phone, few emails and a teddy bear, she had gifted me. Though all of the messages were normal conversations but were so precious for me. I usually used to turn my message box on and read them. It never let my memories fade away. I always considered our relation very cute and happy. Even when she moved away, I never felt bad. But one day somehow when I was swapping the memory cards, accidently my messages got deleted. That day I felt very bad, it was a loss which can never be recovered by anything or be described in words. It was the day when I actually realized ‘How precious the memories are’, once you lose, you’ll never ever get them back. From then onwards, I make sure I do not let my memories fade away, misplaced or forgotten. I still have those emails and the teddy bear with me. As we are not in contact from years now, those are the only memories which keep on cheering me about the good times we had.

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